running away..

Time flies, August left us for September and so we all bid farewell to August. I can feel the vibration all over my body, it spins all the way around. I started to tremble as the things went too fast, I have those fear of changing. All kind and type, but I have to start learning that everything leaves and change. It's time to start living the life with full of fear and terror. PMR is just around the corner, by that I mean in 4 weeks left. I am scared, I am worried. Do I have that enough time to recover all the things I've studied for 3 years? 3 years of learning and I'm gonna deal with all of it in just 4 weeks. This is heck yes, I've realized that as much as my parents had gave everything I want, it's time for me to shine and show em, I could be their child that can prove I am good enough to live the world with all my success.

The happiest thing in my life would be, make them happy of me. I want to see their tears of happiness for all their children success, so I'm gonna be their child to do that. I want to see the exact moment I got 5A's in my UPSR for this upcoming PMR. I always have this thing on my mind, "Why can't things that are good, just stay?"

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