the heart of life

Hi Encik Ameeny, saya sayang awak :*


Di sebalik mata-mata ni, cuba kau tenung. Satu per satu. Apa kau dapat rasa apa yang dia rasa? "Eleh dia ni okay je, problem takda, sihat je, tak mcm aku, mcmmcm aku tempuh" Pernah fikiran kau terfikir mcm tu? I bet you do ;) Tak perlu berada di dalam kasut orang lain, cuba fikirkan sejenak yang kita semua ni sama je, ada kekurangan, ada kelebihan, ada kelemahan, ada kekuatan. Dunia ni bukan kita yang punya, bukan kita yang control, siapa kata kau seorang je yg melalui kesusahan? Allah tidak akan memberi ujian melampaui batasan kita. Kau patut bersyukur dgn apa yang kau ada, stop whining about everything.

Kau tak boleh nilai orang tu kalau kau bukan berada satu bilik, satu bumbung dengannya, dlm banyakbanyak sifat manusia, sifat manusia yang dirumah lah antara yang paling benar.. :)


our first met..

As the first conversation started between me and you, we were nothing to be called love. We were once a stranger to each other. I wasn't expecting you'll mean this much to me. I was your crush, and I was someone else's love, the first conversation meant nothing until we started to be so close to each other. You've got my number and all you can tell people was by updating your facebook status how happy you were. You sent a bouquet of flower to my house in order to convince me how much you love me as well as stealing my heart. But no matter how hard you try that time, you never knew that you had win all my heart as you were there when I was in need. You were there when I was sick. You were the one who was there when I was in total depressed.

But things weren't as our expectation, people tried so hard to tear us apart. The reason why we're still together is our LOVE. Love that is so strong compared to others. Our love is inscribed in our heart that shall live. And when I first met you my heart sighed. The sigh radiated from the hole in my chest, from that place that have not seen light again, from that place that had taken all my joy and given me only grief. "There you are" it said. "You are the cure to my pain, you don't know how long I've been waiting for it."

And now, I am so serious about it, I'm taking everything serious. You'll be in my heart no matter what people say, you'll be in my heart always. It's almost as impossible to tell you how much I love you as it is to count all the ripples in the ocean. You're all I need baby :*. Happy 1 month <3

running away..

Time flies, August left us for September and so we all bid farewell to August. I can feel the vibration all over my body, it spins all the way around. I started to tremble as the things went too fast, I have those fear of changing. All kind and type, but I have to start learning that everything leaves and change. It's time to start living the life with full of fear and terror. PMR is just around the corner, by that I mean in 4 weeks left. I am scared, I am worried. Do I have that enough time to recover all the things I've studied for 3 years? 3 years of learning and I'm gonna deal with all of it in just 4 weeks. This is heck yes, I've realized that as much as my parents had gave everything I want, it's time for me to shine and show em, I could be their child that can prove I am good enough to live the world with all my success.

The happiest thing in my life would be, make them happy of me. I want to see their tears of happiness for all their children success, so I'm gonna be their child to do that. I want to see the exact moment I got 5A's in my UPSR for this upcoming PMR. I always have this thing on my mind, "Why can't things that are good, just stay?"

Eid 2011

Hi! Raya has just ended, I mean the first raya that most people have been waiting for. I am actually more sad that Ramadhan has ended, I miss Ramadhan so badly :\ So many things happened on the precious month. I celebrated my first raya at both my mom and my dad's hometown in Perak. We're so lucky the distance between their houses are only 15 km. My raya wasn't as bustling as in real hometown like those real kampung which kids will come to random house to play bunga api and all. Not at all but I really had fun on my raya, tho it was super hot in Perak. Raya without my late opah was totally different, got no fun at all. I can't deceive that I miss my opah so much, wish she was here on raya :/ Okay past is past, I should forget about it.

So it was great celebrating this great occasion with my loved ones,tho we tried so hard to gather all the family members to bring it out alive. Despite not all of us were there, I'm kind of satisfied that I got to see the people that came. So lastly, I would like to sincerely wishing you guys, my dear followers and readers a Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Maaf Zahir & Batin :) Apologize me for all the shitloads and mistakes I had done, either it is intentional or unintentional, I hope we could be a better person for our own sake :)


A common Hello

Hi, as you can see here, I just deleted all my posts. I think I'm starting back from scratch. I feel so bad for leaving my blog whereas I could improve my writing here. Well actually, I want to start new life in everything. Since I've been hiatus on my blog a really long time, it doesn't mean I didn't do other stuffs in internet like twittering, skyping and all. Oh btw, I'm on twitter now ;) Really addicted to it, I'm in a long lasting relationship with it apart from my boyfriend. So this smell of new start is very delighting. I always like the starting of something new, you know it's like buying our favorite stuffs as the old one wasn't that good enough. Awwh, I miss this environment here. I miss everything :\