our first met..

As the first conversation started between me and you, we were nothing to be called love. We were once a stranger to each other. I wasn't expecting you'll mean this much to me. I was your crush, and I was someone else's love, the first conversation meant nothing until we started to be so close to each other. You've got my number and all you can tell people was by updating your facebook status how happy you were. You sent a bouquet of flower to my house in order to convince me how much you love me as well as stealing my heart. But no matter how hard you try that time, you never knew that you had win all my heart as you were there when I was in need. You were there when I was sick. You were the one who was there when I was in total depressed.

But things weren't as our expectation, people tried so hard to tear us apart. The reason why we're still together is our LOVE. Love that is so strong compared to others. Our love is inscribed in our heart that shall live. And when I first met you my heart sighed. The sigh radiated from the hole in my chest, from that place that have not seen light again, from that place that had taken all my joy and given me only grief. "There you are" it said. "You are the cure to my pain, you don't know how long I've been waiting for it."

And now, I am so serious about it, I'm taking everything serious. You'll be in my heart no matter what people say, you'll be in my heart always. It's almost as impossible to tell you how much I love you as it is to count all the ripples in the ocean. You're all I need baby :*. Happy 1 month <3

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